What is OJER?

Science should be reproducible and quantifiable.  However, this does not describe the current peer review process, as technical literature contains too much unreliable, non-reproducible data, which costs researchers significant time, effort, and money.

To solve this problem, we are creating the Open Journal of Experimental Review (OJER).  OJER will be a crowd-sourced, peer review platform where researchers quantitatively rate & contribute to the experimental repeatability of journal articles.  This post-publication review will improve scientific productivity, incentivize authors, and reward contributors. OJER will be an online repository of vetted scientific reports.  Researchers spend lots of time trying to reproduce other’s results. By sharing what works, they will improve the planning and execution of their research. Most researchers have notes from literature-protocols that worked or failed – OJER will create a place where these observations are shared.

What does the “Open Alpha” entail?

Open Alpha is the second of five stages of OJER’s development.  The first stage, Closed Alpha, was used to develop a solid weighting and scoring algorithm that accounts for all the variables involved when reviewing a paper’s reproducibility.  After getting reviews representing over 110+ replication trials, we have opened up the alpha stage to the public to continue to hone our algorithm.

Should I submit a review?

Absolutely.  By reviewing, you get to give direct feedback on how we shape the review system.  You also get a first hand look at how OJER will operate.  We have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, and have heard some great ideas we’d like to include in future iterations of OJER.  Thank you in advanced for making OJER better!

What will OJER look like when it goes live?

OJER’s alpha phase is our proof of concept, and represents the most basic function – reviewing a paper.  So where is OJER going?  There are 6 main components that we are currently developing to help foster a strong contributor community to this movement.

  1. User Accounts and History
  2. Integrated APIs of various publishers to allow for searching of papers live on OJER
  3. quantified review system to rate papers reproducibility (What our Alpha contributors are helping to refine)
  4. Public and Private commentary on papers and paper reviews
  5. Authorship Claiming and feedback/response system.
  6. Provide you, our community, with a way for you to professionally benefit from all your unpublished work (read more here)

What a Paper’s Review page will look like:

OJER Review Mock UpWhat a user’s page will look like:

OJER Beta Phase Mock UP


You can see the current alpha phase review process here (or check it out live)

Ojer Alpha Review