What is OJER?

Unreliable publishing costs big money

OJER improves scientific productivity by creating a standard, quantitative, methodology review platform to help scientists and funders identify high quality, reproducible publications through crowd-sourced, user-based experiences.

Improved Reliability Increases Efficiency

The Problem

Researchers spend too much time on papers that don’t produce

  • 30% – 50%+ of published papers are not reproducible*
  • Companies and Universities waste significant time and resources on failed reproduction
  • Publication of reproduced work is slow, and not valued
  • So, few papers are held accountable

The Solution

Every experiment is only as good as the foundation it is built upon

OJER creates a unique quantitative review site, where users can discuss the reproducibility of published scientific methods and experimental results, enabling users to:

  • Network with Peers to share experiences
  • Rate Papers Quantitatively on Completeness and Repeatability
  • Build Reputations based on reviews from and of peers
  • Increase Success by quickly finding reproducible publications
  • Save Money by reducing research time and cutting costs


*as estimated by various analyses in the literature